Branch Cuts Circles - 330g


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Product description

Explore texture, colour and shape with these natural circle branch cuts. Invite the children to sort and compare these circle branch cuts for natural play or add these to craft activities to give them a more natural look and feel. These can be crafted up by having the children paint these and glue on embellishments such as pom poms or they can be kept plain to maintain that natural look and feel. These are great to add a natural look and feel to Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas activities and also work well when discussing nature and the different seasons with the children. Supplied in a calico drawstring bag. Country of origin: China. These resources are the by-product from the harvesting process. Taken from plantation grown timber, these natural resources are ethically sourced. Each circle branch cut measures approx. 2.5 - 5cm. 3300 grams.

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