Real World Geo Shapes


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Product description

Vivid, familiar images and three-dimensional geo shapes combine to help children connect geometry to their world!

Display shapes in their flat forms (nets) to teach symmetry and surface area, or fold the nets into the clear solids to highlight the presence of geometric shapes in everyday life.

Whether they're visualizing soup cans in cylinders for the very first time or learning basic geometry concepts, children will find a new shape adventure awaiting them around every curve, edge and vertex!

Relate 3-D geometric shapes to real-world objects with 24 durable nets (inserts) featuring playful designs.
Explore 8 common shapes: cube, cylinder, hexagonal prism, rectangular prism, triangular prism, square pyramid and triangular pyramid.

Includes Activity Guide. Each shape measures 7.5cm in height. The cube has a dimension of 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm.

Age: 4 Years+

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